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Tell a friend, “I love hemp!” and see what their reaction will be. Industrial hemp is probably one of the most misunderstood plants, often confused with its recreational cousin. At BabyKicks, we think of hemp as a “super plant” and consider ourselves hemp aficionados.

How much do you know about industrial hemp? Take our Ultimate Hemp Quiz to see if you can earn the title of “Hemp Expert!”

The BabyKicks Ultimate Hemp Quiz

  1. True or False?
    1. The First American Flag was made out of hemp.
    2. Van Gogh painted on hemp canvas.
    3. Hemp requires pesticides to grow.
    4. The original Wrangler jeans were made from hemp sailcloth.
    5. The first Gutenberg bible was printed on hemp paper.
    6. The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper.
    7. Popular Mechanics called hemp a “billion-dollar crop.”
    8. Abraham Lincoln used hemp seed oil in his lamps.
    9. Australians survived two famines by eating virtually nothing but hemp seed for protein and hemp leaves for roughage.
    10. You can’t get high from industrial hemp.
    11. BMW is reportedly working on its own set of wheels that replaces fiberglass matte with hemp.
    12. Hemp fields would be used to hide marijuana plants.
    13. The Founding Fathers smoked  hemp.
    14. Hemp’s growth rate is so rapid, it is ready for harvest in only 4 months.
    15. Hemp helped clean the soil around Chernobyl.
    16. U.S. is the only first world country that has not established hemp as an agricultural crop.
    17. In the U.S. during the 1700’s and 1800’s, it was against the law to refuse to grow hemp.
    18. Hemp paper is not popular because it is not as strong as wood paper.
    19. Hemp plastic is not biodegradable.
    20. Hemp requires less water than cotton and grows in cooler climates.


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