Public interest in CBD products is growing at an explosive rate. This is largely a good thing, as CBD is typically safe and often beneficial for its users. But as the popularity grows, new products are springing up, such as CBD vape oil.

People are curious about different ways they can consume CBD, and with the growing popularity of vaping in general, it’s only natural that people would start to wonder… Can you vape CBD oil? Is vaping CBD oil safe?

The answer might surprise you.

Can You Vape CBD Oil?

First things first, let’s established the difference between CBD oil and CBD vape liquid.

Here at NuLife, we offer CBD oil for sale. Our products are designed solely for oral use, and should not be vaped. Our CBD oils could also be called CBD tinctures, and are meant to be placed under the tongue and ingested orally.

  • CBD oils are meant solely for oral use
  • They are usually bound to a carrier oil, like grapeseed oil, olive oil or hemp seed oil
  • While completely safe for oral use, vaping or smoking these carrier oils can be dangerous, potentially causing lipid pneumonia

DO NOT vape CBD oil unless it is specifically designed for vaping

  • CBD vape liquid is designed specifically for vaping
  • These products usually contain thinning agents and additives like propylene glycol, glycerin, etc.
  • CBD vape juice usually contains flavoring agents, as well
  • CBD e-liquid is similar to e-cigarette liquids, with CBD instead of nicotine
  • These products may be safe to vape, but caution is advised

Other companies do offer CBD vape liquid, otherwise known as CBD e-juice, CBD e-liquid, CBD vape juice, etc. What is CBD vape juice? These vape-specific products are designed to be used in vaporizers, and often contain additives to make vaping easier.

So, can you vape CBD oil? If you’re talking about actual CBD oil/tincture that’s designed for oral use, the answer is no. Can you put CBD oil in a vape? You could, but it’s unlikely to vaporize properly, and it may cause harmful side effects.

If you are talking about a product specifically marketed as vaping liquid, then the answer is yes.

However, just because you can vape CBD, doesn’t necessarily mean you should!

Should You Vape CBD?

Is it safe to vape CBD oil? That answer is less clear-cut.

CBD itself is generally considered safe by the scientific community, when consumed orally (1). But is vaping CBD safe?

The honest answer? We don’t know. The scientific community doesn’t know. But a growing body of evidence suggests that vaping the additives found in CBD vape oils is likely unsafe (2), particularly over long periods of time.

Recently, the opinions of regulators and medical professionals has been turning against vape products due to safety concerns. Several states have now banned many vape products, and the American Medical Association has actually called for a complete ban on all vaping products.

To learn more, read the next article in our series – Is Vaping CBD Safe?

Is Vaping CBD Safe?

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