CBD Capsules & Softgels – The Best way to Take CBD?

CBD comes in many forms, and each offers unique pros and cons. It’s important to be aware of the differences so that we can be informed on the best options for our own circumstances. But is there a best way to take CBD?

The reality is that different types of CBD products have different ideal circumstances for their use. Sometimes pure oil is best – other times, CBD capsules may be ideal.

One thing is very clear: When it comes to convenience, CBD oil capsules are king! What are all the benefits of CBD capsules?

The Convenient Option

25mg Cannabidiol CBD Softgel Capsules - Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaOf all the ways to use CBD products, CBD gel caps are by far the most convenient.

After all, it doesn’t get much easier than swallowing a small pill! Our CBD oil capsules are very small, so they’re easy to swallow even if you have a hard time with larger pills.

CBD capsules are convenient for on-the-go use, and are also quite discrete. You might get weird looks if you take a dropper full of CBD oil in public – but pop a CBD oil pill, and nobody’s going to give you a second glance.

The Controlled Option

Another big benefit of CBD capsules is exact dosages.

When you use CBD oil and tinctures, you can get a fairly accurate idea of the dosage you’re taking. But with CBD oil capsules, you know exactly what you’re taking each time.

For example, our 25mg CBD pills contain 25mg of CBD per serving. Knowing the precise CBD content is a huge benefit of CBD softgels.

The Tasteless and Odorless Option

CBD capsules are tasteless and odorless. That’s good news for folks who maybe don’t enjoy the taste of CBD oil, or are worried about it affecting the smell of their breath.

Pure CBD oil does not taste bad, but it definitely does have a distinct flavor. Most people describe the taste as earthy or grassy. It’s a bit of an acquired taste for some.

CBD gel caps provide a flavorless and odorless option. Alternatively, if you like pure CBD oil but don’t like the flavor, we do offer peppermint flavored CBD oil which is quite tasty!

CBD Capsules vs CBD Oil – Which is a Better Option?

Sorry, folks – there’s no “best” option in this comparison. Both CBD pills and pure CBD oil are excellent options, and each can beat the other out in certain circumstances. Let’s look at some pros and cons.

CBD capsules

  • Pros – very convenient, exact dosage, long shelf-life, no taste or effects on breath
  • Cons – take longer to absorb in the body (because they have to dissolve first)

CBD oil

  • Pros – absorbs very quickly, very customizable dosing, often more affordable
  • Cons – less convenient, has a flavor/scent, harder to get an exact dosage

In short, there’s no “best” option – because both are great!

Why Not Both?

The form of CBD you choose to use doesn’t have to be a winner-take-all decision. Many of our customers choose to use several different products.

A lot of people tend to use CBD oil/tincture when they’re at home, but they take CBD softgels with them on-the-go. This provides a best-of-both-worlds approach to the issue of CBD pills vs CBD oil.

Conveniently, we sell a wide variety of CBD products, including tinctures, capsules, and even topicals. If you’re on the fence, why not try both and see first hand what you prefer?

Other Options

CBD pills and CBD oil are the two main types of cannabidiol products – but they’re not the only ones.

There are also topical CBD creams, which are great for pain relief in targeted areas.

There are CBD gummies, candies and chocolates, which are a nice treat but are typically fairly expensive options.

And there’s CBD vape products, which we don’t recommend due to safety concerns (internal link to CBD vape page once published)

Wrapping Up

So, what’s the best way to take CBD? It really just depends on your preferences.

Personally, we think CBD oil and capsules are on the same level – followed by topical creams, followed by candies, and lastly, vape products (which we don’t recommend).

What’s your favorite way to use CBD?

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