By Adrian DeVitt-Lee July 23, 2019 –


Should CBD products be taken with or without food?  A recent study from pharmacologists at the University of Minnesota examined how eating a meal affects the absorption rate of CBD.  When ingesting CBDs, our bodies only absorb about 10% into our bloodstream.  If taken on a full stomach, the body has more time to absorb at a higher rate, especially if taken with a fatty meal.  When taking CBD half an hour after a fatty meal, people were exposed to nearly 5x more CBD. The peak plasma concentration of CBD was 14x higher when participants ate first. This suggests that eating before taking CBD might reduce the required dose, but could also be more likely to cause drug interactions. The researchers note that this effect should be considered for epileptic patients on a ketogenic diet, which is a high-fat diet. Such patients may need to take a smaller dose of CBD. People shouldn’t be too caught up with bioavailability, however. Cannabinoids are metabolized into active molecules: THC turns into 11-OHTHC, which appears more intoxicating than THC, while CBD is converted to 7-COOHCBD, a molecule proposed to have an anti-epileptic effect. These chemicals aren’t represented when one talks about bioavailability.  Read Full Article Here


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