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A conversation with Bruce Dietzen from Drawdown Hemp

“You can’t just run around saying hemp is going to save the planet. You can’t just say it. You have to have some definitive numbers and some science behind it. And that can be shown to the people that are in power. They still may not listen, but when you have hard numbers, it makes your argument a whole lot better.”

That’s what Bruce Dietzen, guest on this week’s Industrial Hemp Podcast, says.

Deitzen is known as the guy who built the body of a sports car out of hemp, but he’s put the hemp car on hold and has embarked on what he considers to be a far more important endeavor — quantifying the potential of hemp.

That’s the idea behind Drawdown Hemp — put hard numbers behind the oft-quoted claims that hemp has the potential to sequester vast amounts of carbon.

“Drawdown Hemp is a think tank that is on a mission to quantify the amount of CO2 that hemp products can either sequester or avoid, Dietzen said. “And the reason for wanting to quantify those hemp products goes back to this idea that hemp can be made into 50,000 different products.”

In the face of a climate crisis, Deitzen said it’s important to determine which of the 50,000 products will have the greatest ability to pull carbon from the atmosphere.

He also talks about his entry into the X Prize Carbon Removal Contest funded by billionaire Elon Musk to identify ways that CO2 can be sequestered at a large scale, at least a gigaton per year on an ongoing basis. The first place winner will receive $50 million.

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