CBD Oil for Pets – 600mg (30ml) Bottle

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Gentle relief for your pets with no side-effects.

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NuLife pet CBD oil is specifically designed for dogs, cats, and all your fury friends! This version contains 600mg CBD in a 30ml bottle – a potent formula that will be best for larger animals. Shopping for CBD for cats? Try our 300mg formula.

Our specialty formula is engineered to provide relief from many of the things pet owners worry most about – nausea, pain, separation anxiety, and more.

  • 600mg CBD per bottle
  • Higher-potency formula ideal for medium and large dogs
  • A several month supply for small animals
  • CBD for dogs, cats and other animals
  • Made with high-grade full-spectrum CBD oil
  • Extracted from Colorado-grown hemp
  • Very low THC (less than 0.3%) – no “high” or intoxicating effects
  • Gentle, natural relief for pets
  • Very low chance of side effects

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The proper CBD dosage for cats, dogs and other animals will vary significantly. The main factor in determining the right dosage is the size and weight of your pet. Dosage guidelines and animal weight are proportional, meaning an 80 pound dog may need up to 10x as much CBD as a 8 pound cat.

While there are no official CBD dose guidelines for dogs and cats, many experts recommend starting in the 0.05-0.1 mg per kg of weight. For a 50 lb dog, this would translate to .25 to 0.5 mg of CBD for a single dose. Dr. Conny Wagner, of the Hawthorne Veterinary Clinic in Portland, Oregon, recommends starting with the lower dose of .05 mg per kg.

When you first start giving CBD to your cat or dog, start with as low a dose as possible. If you notice adverse effects or strange behavior in your pet, stop using CBD and speak to your vet. If a week goes by without adverse effects, you can slowly start to increase the dosage until you achieve the desired effects.

How to Use

Generally, the easiest way to administer CBD to dogs or cats is to mix CBD tincture into their food. This will ensure that they consume the entire amount, and they are unlikely to notice a flavor difference.

If your pet is willing, the most effective way to give CBD to animals is by placing it directly in their mouths. This enables the CBD oil to absorb more rapidly, resulting in faster effects. Flavored pet CBD oils are available, to make this process easier.

Either way, CBD oil will generally take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours to take effect. It’s important to start with a very low dose, and slowly increase it over time, if necessary. See more details on our CBD for Pets Page.

Why CBD?

For pet parents seeking a more natural way to address some pet health problems, CBD offers an interesting option. And NuLife CBD is the best place to buy CBD for pets online.

Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, is a natural compound found in the hemp plant. It does not have any psychoactive properties because it has a near-zero THC content. Thus, it provides many of the benefits of the hemp plant, without the intoxicating effects of marijuana. Some benefits include:

  • Natural relief from pain, inflammation, nausea and more
  • May help with separation anxiety
  • No THC, no “high” – CBD oil has no psychoactive properties
  • Very low risk for side effects
  • A safe, natural alternative to many potentially harsh medications
  • Easy to buy online and have shipped to your door

5 reviews for CBD Oil for Pets – 600mg (30ml) Bottle

  1. Lucia (verified owner)

    Phone conversation was extremely helpful.

  2. Diane (verified owner)

    Tremendous change with pets symptoms. Very pleased

  3. Lisa Z. (verified owner)

    Service was prompt. I donated the 600ml bottle to my friend’s dog rescue and kept the 300mg bottle for myself. Too soon to tell if it is helping.

  4. Lisa Z. (verified owner)

    Good customer service. Timely delivery

  5. Charlene K. (verified owner)

    Our dog is 13 and she has bone spurs on back legs as well as arthritis and she’s still getting around ok thanks to your product

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