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Responsibly Organic has launched another amazing hemp product. The Ever Fruit Freshness Packs are made with 100% USA grown hemp and are used to extend the edible life of fruits & veggies for up to a week or more! Unfortunately, the deterioration including discoloration, and mold seen in produce is caused by bacteria.  Hemp is scientifically known to have anti-bacterial and anti-microbial features making it the perfect partner to healthy produce.  Responsibly Organic wants to raise awareness of the growing uses of hemp in everyday ways around the household and for a short time they will ship these freshness packs throughout the U.S. By going to one of their websites, or and requesting the samples.

Eric Dena the founder of Responsibly Organic stated, “We are 100% dedicated to sustainability. After researching the assorted opportunities hemp is as a renewable resource we realized it is an untapped resource for renewable product with unbelievable options. We decided that our company will promote the greenness of hemp on a national scale. Our biggest obstacle is trying to get people comfortable to hemp the same way they realized CBD, and cannabis were not the big, bad boogeyman they’ve been taught for the last hundred years. Believe it or not people still think hemp has psychoactive effects like cannabis. We’re here to educate Americans the way the rest of the world has become.”

Responsibly Organic has been a rising force in the hemp industry since its founding. A Cannabis and Hemp industry veteran since 2010 the founder has recently started discussions with several national chains regarding carrying the Ever Fruit Freshness Pack and Hemp Fire Logs. The company has procured over 150,000 pounds of hemp stalk and throughout Covid and have been developing, testing, and manufacturing hemp to find great ways to utilize it for everyday consumer products.

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