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UFC no longer fights CBD craze.  The cannabis conversation has been around for years, but the chatter surrounding CBD, especially as it relates to sports, has been more recent.

When tracking down the origin of that conversation, one would find the epicenter of change started in Las Vegas.

This past summer, the UFC announced an eight-year partnership with Aurora, a Canadian cannabis producer based in Edmonton, that will see researchers conduct clinical trials of CBD in current athletes.

The end goal: creating a line of hemp-derived topical treatments.

“When you really look at this thing, it’s common sense, it makes sense,” said UFC President Dana White after the announcement in July.

“Would you rather have these guys taking pain pills, sleeping pills, things like this, much safer much healthier for the athletes, it’s the future, we know it, we get it, and we’re not afraid of things like this, the big ones, the NFL, the NBA, these guys are afraid, they’re afraid to be the first ones and step in, we’re never afraid, when it’s right, we believe in it, we think it’s the future, we’re in,” he said.

While the UFC dives in head-first, the NFL is still doing their homework. In May, the NFL and National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) formed a joint-pain management committee with the goal of exploring alternative outlets for players, which includes CBD.

“Currently there is not a ton of scientific evidence behind CBD for pain management,” said NFL Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Allen Sills.

“There is a lot of anecdotal evidence in people who will give personal testimonials, but in terms of looking at some really well done, controlled trials where you apply the standards we would apply to other types of medical treatments, we lack a lot of that evidence, our committee will continue to monitor that evidence,” Sills said.  Read Full Article

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