As the hemp industry continues to grow and diversify more companies are standing out and providing high quality hemp products. Vital Hemp produces domestically grown hemp and textiles that are used for there clothing. Vitalhemp carries a full line of mens, and womens, tops, bottoms and accessories made from a material that uses less water and pesticides than cotton.

Vital Hemps website details the following drivers as to why they do what they do:

“As vital members of the sustainable business community, we aspire to be a part of the groundswell that changes antiquated laws, re-legalizing the cultivation of industrial hemp in the U.S.A. so that we can all benefit from the myriad uses of this amazing plant—for clothing, food, paper, fuel, and so much more.

We introduce people to the superior qualities of hemp by producing the most comfortable, healthy and sustainable hemp clothes possible. Hemp’s come a long way

We hope people will understand the connection between what we do (and consume) and the consequences or benefits these activities have for the environment. If we all buy cotton clothes, the pesticides used to grow the cotton (usually now in other countries) blows off, into the lungs of women or children, causing birth defects and illness. If we buy bamboo, the caustic chemicals used to turn the bamboo into soft fabric, gets dumped into streams, poisoning ecosystems and making those streams and rivers too polluted to swim. These are not trivial matters…but we can do something about it.

Our little part is producing hemp clothes. We chose hemp for a few reasons you probably know: it’s stronger and more durable than cotton. It breathes better than any other natural fiber. It doesn’t require pesticides and is actually good for the soil (unlike cotton, which depletes soil). Farmers love hemp because it makes such a good rotation crop. We chose hemp because it’s good for so many things besides clothes, including food, paper, fuel, etc…, and because, like the Earth, hemp doesn’t have enough allies.”

To learn more about Vital Hemp and see their line of clothing visit there online store at

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