The Lone Star State is home to more than 28 million people. In a vast state such as Texas, suffice it to say that you can find just about anything you would want or need. But where to buy cbd oil in Texas?

For many years, CBD was only really available in some West Coast hubs, and really only in big cities. Today, that’s starting to change. CBD is now available in the Lone Star State!

The Best CBD in Texas

Due to somewhat restrictive laws in the state, most retailers don’t carry CBD in Texas. This is all starting to change, but for now it’s a bit hard to find at brick-and-mortar retailers.

So, the best place to buy CBD in Texas is often online. Here at NuLife CBD, we offer some of the highest-quality pure CBD oils available on the market. You can shop our selection to choose from CBD tinctures, creams and softgels!

We use Colorado-grown hemp to produce our high quality CBD products. It is certified to contain high concentrations of CBD, and ultra-low levels of THC well under the legal limit. Learn more about our hemp farms here, or check out reviews from other customers!

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CBD Retailers in Texas

A few years ago, you would have struggled to find even a single retailer selling CBD in Texas. Today, that’s starting to change. Some recent pro-CBD legislation has helped spur local businesses to adopt the product, and increasing interest and demand from the public has certainly helped as well!

There are pros and cons to buying online vs. in person. In general, online retailers like NuLife are cheaper, simply because they have less overhead costs. There’s often more of a papertrail with where the CBD actually comes from, as well.

Physical stores have their perks, too. The main one is that you can speak in person to a (hopefully) knowledgeable sales rep who can answer your questions about CBD. Then again, we have extensive online resources published relating to CBD that you can explore at your own leisure. 

Is CBD Legal in Texas?

The laws surrounding CBD are complex. Our FAQ page does a good job of explaining the legalities of CBD on a federal basis. We recommend reading that first to understand how CBD laws work on a countrywide basis.

Then there are state laws, which differ in each and every state. Most states (at least 44) allow CBD products for medical use, with a prescription. Many states also allow CBD use without a prescription.

In Texas, CBD is allowed for medical use, and it’s largely available for recreational use as well (although the laws remain fuzzy). The good news is that Texas is certainly heading in the right direction, with the Texas congress recently passing legislation allowing the production of hemp in the great state of Texas.

A recent San Antonio Current article explored the topic, noting that San Antonio alone now boasts more than 50 CBD retailers.

With more options opening just about every week it seems, chances are there’s a retailer near you. Of course, most of them are located in the metropolitan areas, so small-town Texans will still likely have to buy online.

In fact, there’s been a huge swell of pro-hemp and pro-CBD activity in most levels of the Texas government recently. There are several important bills currently being considered by the Texas senate, and more discussions surely underway. So while we don’t have a crystal-clear answer currently, one is certainly on the way.

This article goes over the nuances of the Texas CBD laws. For now, know this: Most laws surrounding CBD target manufacturers and distributors. Hundreds of thousands of Texans use CBD regularly without issue. That said, you should always be cautious and do your own research regarding CBD laws in Texas.


CBD is becoming more and more popular in Texas. With this surge in popularity comes more CBD retailers opening up, and more general retailers, grocery stores, etc. carrying CBD products. That said, generally the best place to buy CBD is still online – right here at NuLife! Browse our selection today to find the highest quality CBD oils available on the market.

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