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Where Can I Find CBD Oil for Sale?

CBD products are more popular than ever, and you’ve likely been hearing about all the potential benefits of these natural products. But where can you actually buy CBD oil? What’s the best place to find CBD oil for sale?

NuLife CBD Offers Full Spectrum CBD Oil For Sale

You can find CBD oil for sale right here at NuLife CBD. Our high quality products are available to ship to all 50 states. We offer full spectrum CBD oil for sale at industry-leading prices. You can browse our shop to find the best deals on high quality cannabidiol products.

We strive to be the best place to buy CBD oil online. We offer low prices, quick shipping, and high-quality, lab-tested products. We manufacture CBD oil using non-GMO, organically grown hemp produced in Colorado. We also utilize full-spectrum extraction, which ensures our products offer a broad spectrum of beneficial phytocannabinoids, terpenes and chlorophyll.

Not sure where to start?

Where Else Can You Buy CBD Oil?

CBD oil is available from online retailers, and at select health food stores in some states. Generally speaking, the cheapest CBD oils are found online. Finding CBD products in physical stores may also be challenging, depending on where you live.

CBD products are also sometimes available in cannabis dispensaries and recreational stores, in states where cannabis is legal. However, these products usually contain more THC and often less CBD. They are typically more expensive, as well, due to the higher tax rates applied to cannabis purchases.

Keep in mind that the legality of CBD is complex (as explained in our CBD FAQ page), but generally speaking it’s considered fully legal in all 50 states, so long as it contains less than 0.3% THC. In states with recreational cannabis laws, both CBD and THC-containing products are legal.

Be Wary of “CBD” Oil on Amazon

If you’re looking to buy CBD oil online, your first thought might be to check Amazon. After all, we buy everything else on Amazon – why not buy CBD there too?

Let’s get something straight: Amazon is NOT the place to buy CBD oil. In fact, every single “CBD” product on Amazon is either fake or wildly misleading.

Amazon bans the sale of CBD-containing products, and CBD products are specifically mentioned in their restricted items lists. Even so, if you do a search for CBD oil on Amazon, you will see thousands of results.

Here’s the thing: According to Amazon’s own terms of service, none of these products can contain any CBD. If they do, they will quickly be removed from Amazon.

So, when you search for CBD on Amazon, what you will find are various forms of hemp oil, which is usually made from hemp seeds.

As we explain in our hemp oil vs CBD oil guide (internal link to cbd vs hemp page, once published), hemp oil is completely different from CBD oil. Hemp oil is made from hemp seeds, and contains no CBD. Therefore, it has little to no therapeutic benefit, and is best used for skincare and cooking.

Not All CBD Oil is Created Equal

Even among online CBD retailers, quality and potency can vary significantly. A scientific study published in 2017 looked at the labeling accuracy of CBD products sold online. Less than 1/3rd of the products actually contained the amount of CBD stated on the label!

This is why it’s important to buy from reputable sellers like NuLife CBD who lab-test their own products for quality and consistency.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to buy CBD oil, the best place to find it is right here at NuLife CBD. If you choose to shop elsewhere, be sure to do proper research beforehand to make sure you’re getting a quality product!

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